Ada Source Code Obfuscator

Oliver Kellogg brings us a new version of his script.

You can download the script here.

And here’s a little infomercial on what exactly this script does: helps create an obfuscated copy of an entire set of Ada source files, useful for submitting public compiler bug reports on NDA or proprietary code.

There are a few other Ada related tools on the website, such as:

  • helps translate existing Ada types to CORBA IDL
  • converts Ada record types with representation clauses to equivalent C structs with bit length indications
  • prints all withed units of an Ada unit, including indirectly withed units
  • lexer for Pascal-family (Delphi/Eiffel/Ada) and C-family (Java/PHP/etc) languages
  • reindenter for Ada, requires

Good stuff.

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