Ada.Directories article

I’ve completed the Ada.Directories article on our wiki.

Here’s a short quote from the article:

The Ada.Directories package provides tools for manipulation of directories and files. If the environment supports the notion of files and directories, it is possible to manipulate these in a way that is fairly OS agnostic.

And that is basically what it’s all about. The article is kept in the usual style, ie. there are small, working, examples of code for each procedure and function. Here’s for example the part of the article dealing with Start_Search.

I’d like to thank Dwight Scott Miller for his invaluable help. Had it not been for his tireless assistance and editing, my lacking english skills would’ve shined through to an almost unbearable degree. Thanks Dwight.

If you spot any errors in the article, or feel like adding something to it, feel free to register an account, and get to work. That is after all what a Wiki is all about.

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