Canta – teaching you to sing

What is Canta?

A tool to help to sing in tune. It can play a MIDI song and it displays the notes on the screen as they are played. It analyses the voice of the user and displays it on the same screen.

More information can be found on the website

Some of the main functionalities of this marvelous piece of software is:

  • Free
  • Real-time analysis of the pitch of the voice
  • Graphical display of the pitch
  • MIDI player and display of the melody on the same graph
  • Freeze mode to review the entire performance
  • Display of the height of the voice in Hertz and in notes (A, B, C, …)

And much more.

Besides being a really cool Ada program, Canta is now also an open source project. With that step, perhaps we might see a *nix version in the near future?

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