GTKAda contributions v2.5

Dmitry Kazakov is back with another update to his GTKAda contributions, bringing them up to version 2.5.

The full announcement can be read here.

Here’s a few of the key-features:

  • Tasking support
  • Embeddable images
  • Source view widget support
  • Simplified means to create lists of strings
  • Abstract caching model for directory-like data

And here’s a quote from the website, concerning the first bulletpoint:

The package Gtk.Main.Router provides a synchronization mechanism to use GTK+ framework with Ada tasks. GTK+ is known to be task unsafe. In particular, all calls need to be made from the same task (thread). Further GTK+ has a callback-based architecture which makes it difficult to use Ada’s entry points for synchronization, because callback subprograms cannot act as entries. This package allows Ada tasks triggering some GTK+ actions to synchronize on a protected object with the task handling GTK+ events.

The documentation on the website is, as usual, excellent.

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