Zip-Ada v.36

Gautier is literally on fire. His Zip-Ada library is now at version 36, and there’s a lot of nice changes in this new version:

  • BZip2 method added for decompression
  • Added Zip.Traverse_verbose
  • Added an UnZip.Extract to extract all files, using a Zip_Info
    variable (allows any stream, not only file, for archive)
  • Some more run-time library performance bottlenecks removed (less spectacular than for v.35)
  • Some improvements around ReZip, which now includes the BZip2

Here’s a link to the full release announcement.

And finally, here’s a blurb from the website on what exactly Zip-Ada is:

Zip-Ada is a library for dealing with the Zip compressed archive file format. The full sources of Zip-Ada are in Ada, compilable on every compiler and for every system.

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