Tero Koskinen have launched a new website,, which of course is a website about Ada.

An interesting thing about, is the fact that Tero is running it all using AWS. Yes, an Ada website hosted by an Ada Web Server. It warms my heart seeing a response header that looks like this:

Server: AWS (Ada Web Server) v2.5.0w is not the only Ada project with Tero at the helm. Check out this link for more Tero Koskinen goodness.

The most well-known of Koskinens projects is Ahven, a unit test library for Ada 95, which features:

  • Simple API
  • Small size (Ahven 1.7 has 2.3K SLOC; 605 statements; 1133 declarations)
  • JUnit-compatible test results in XML format
  • Strict coding style (enforced by AdaControl)
  • Plain Ada 95 code, no Ada 2005 features used
  • Portable across different compilers and operating systems
  • Permissive Open Source license

The Ahven website is of course also hosted using the Ada Web Server.

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