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Has anyone switched from using modern C++ to Ada or back and is willing to share their own experiences with non-trivial applications?

A fairly interesting debate followed, with a decent amount of pro-Ada posts being submitted. Here’s a short quote from one of the replies:

I just wrote a threaded (multiple tasks, rendezvous) app in Ada best described as a web app (in AWS) plus a back-end packet slinging thingy (crazy handcrafted UDP packets). Done just a couple of months ago. I wrote/debugged it from scratch on GNAT GPS 2009 edition, using their libraries.
I chose this path because I could, and because mod_lua wasn’t available for Apache at the time. I gave myself one day from the start to get the web server up, sending the page I wanted, and responding (in some way) to the http methods coming from the client. Otherwise it was back to Apache, with C on the backend for the custom packets. Since that went without a hitch in the allotted day, I kept on the Ada/AWS road, and never hit any gotchas.

Definitely an interesting read, if you have a few minutes to burn.

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  1. Ada is the most beautiful language I think together with C++.
    Why coming with C++ ? To me I think the OO part in it is not so good compared with C++.

    I think I will work with Ada even though I have not done any thing with it recently.
    I think to use it mainly on the area of cross complier for hardware simple…

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