Ahven 1.8

Tero Koskinen has announced the release of Ahven version1.8.

Ahven is a simple unit test library (or a framework) for Ada 95 programming language. It is loosely modelled after JUnit and some ideas are taken from AUnit.

Some of the changes in this release include

  • Fix for double free when mixing dynamically allocated test cases with statically allocated test suites.
  • Support for dynamic libraries was dropped. It was too complex (for me) to maintain Makefile/GPR-file logic which would work in the same way on Fedora, Debian, OpenBSD, and Windows.
  • Support for Janus/Ada 3.1.1d was dropped. Janus/Ada 3.1.2beta or newer is required.
  • TAP 1.3 test result format was dropped. Version 1.2 is supported.

You can read the full release notes here.

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