Generic Image Decoder v.01

Since I re-launched the Ada-DK website, I’ve posted quite a few news items with the name Gautier de Montmollin in them, and now he’s back with another little piece of marvelous Ada code: The Generic Image Decoder.

The GID is a library for…

…decoding a broad variety of image formats, from any data stream, to any kind of medium, be it an in-memory bitmap, a GUI object, some other stream, floating-point data for scientific calculations, a browser element, a device,… Animations are supported.

As with most other Gautier creations, this one is multi-platform and standalone, meaning that it depends on no other libraries. You simply grab the package and include the source in your own project.

There’s a nice “readme” file included in the source, which explains how to use the library.

It’s still early days for GID, but it looks very promising, and as far as I know, it is currently the only native Ada library for image decoding.

You can read the release announcement (and some discussion about this early version) here.

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