GtkAda Contributions version 2.8

It’s only been a few weeks since we saw the release of GtkAda Contributions 2.7, but apparently Dmitry and Maxim felt it was time for 2.8 already. Here’s a list of changes:

  • Dir_Open, Dir_Close, Dir_Rewind, Dir_Read_Name were added to Gtk.Missed enumerate items of a directory.
  • Remove, Rename were added to Gtk.Missed.
  • File_Test was added to Gtk.Missed.
  • GType_Icon was added to Gtk.Missed.
  • GIO.Content_Type package provides bindings to platform-specific content typing (GContentType).
  • Directory browser supports content icons.
  • Gtk.Missed declares a controlled type provided to ease showing a wait cursor.
  • Themed_Icon_New_With_Default_Fallbacks and Themed_Icon_New were added to Gtk.Missed.
  • Packages GIO.Drive, GIO.Mount, GIO.Volume, GIO.Volume_Monitor were added to support GIO.

The full release announcement can be read here and you can get the software here.

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