VTKAda version 5 release 2 (work in progress)

Leonid Dulman has released version 5.2 of his VTKAda package.

VTKAda is Ada-95(05) interface to VTK(Visualization Toolkit) and
Qt4 graphics library VTK version 5.6.0, Qt version 4.7.0 open source and qt4c.dll(libqt4c.so) builded with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 in Windows and gcc in Linux x86-64 Package was tested with gnat gpl 2009 ada compiler in Windows 32bit and 64bit and Linux x86-64 Kubuntu 9.10 VTKAda is powerfull 2D , 3D renderer system and works inside Qt4 application.

You can read more about the tools developed by Leonid Dulman in his paper (PDF) Modern application development with Ada.

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