DSA Messenger example

A new DSA usage example has seen the light of day: DSA Messenger.

SA Messenger is simple multiuser chat program. It uses features of Distributed System Annex provided by DSA application personality of PolyORB to split Ada application into several partitions and QtAda to implement GUI.

In order to try it out you need to have:

You can read the full release announcement here.

If you’re interested in more DSA goodness, then feel free to checkout the A DSA Tutorial page on our wiki.

4 thoughts on “DSA Messenger example”

  1. HHhhhhmmm DSA goodness! Out of interest, I notice you are using qtada, how do you find this to use as opposed to something like gtkada. Are there good interface designers

  2. It appears that the link to the DSA Messenger example has been lost in time and space. At least it’s not available any longer.

    Personally I’ve never used QtAda or GtkAda. If I need a GUI of sorts, I do it in HTML. I simply cannot be bothered with heavy GUI toolkits, and so far I’ve never had any need for them.

    1. I have been playing with AWS and used it in an application to provide archived data, but I need real time updating of data which I have not worked out how to do in AWS. If I could I think I would….

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