TOMI_4_Ada 0.10 Initial Release

TOMI_4_Ada provides a basic interface to existing messaging middleware providers:

TOMI_4_Ada is “Text-Oriented Messaging Interfaces ‘for’ Ada”, providing a basic Ada interface to existing messaging middleware providers, and a framework for expanding support to currently unsupported ones. While most messaging middleware supports binary as well as text messaging (text being simply a subset of binary), TOMI_4_Ada focuses exclusively on textual transfers so as to simplify the interface, but remaining well-equipped to support the broad domain of text-based messaging protocols, i.e. XML, HTML, JSON, raw text, etc.

Out of the box TOMI_4_Ada provides interfaces to the following protocols:

  • STOMP protocol via the Apache ActiveMQ broker
  • AMQP via the OpenAMQ broker
  • ZeroMQ (brokerless)

It has been verified to work with Apache ActiveMQ, the the OpenAMQ broker and the

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