Fuzzy sets for Ada v5.5

Today we have yet another release from Dmitry Kazakov: Version 5.5 of his Fuzzy Sets for Ada library.

The changes in version 5.5 are:

  • A fuzzy set renderer property was added to prefix the rendered value with a string
  • Fuzzy set renderer commits changes when Enter is pressed while no drop down has been popped up
  • Procedure Get added to Gtk.Generic_Fuzzy_Linguistic_Set_Measure_Tree_View and Gtk.Generic_Fuzzy_Linguistic_Set_Measure_Editor to get dimensioned set of linguistic variables as a dimensionless set and scale
  • Fuzzy.Stream_IO provides conversions to stream elements arrays
  • Minor bug fixes in Fuzzy.Abstract_Edit.Named

You can read the full release announcement here.

As with his Simple Components library, the documentation written for Fuzzy Sets is excellent and to the point.

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