ZanyBlue. Localization Support for Ada

This first release of the ZanyBlue Ada packages is primarily aimed at providing localization support for Ada applications:

ZanyBlue.Text is an Ada 2005 package supporting localization support in Ada by allowing the externalization of application messages into a properties file which can be localized into additional languages, similar to Java. The localized files include the locale string in the file name, e.g., the file “” is localized to “” in French.

It is, of course, also possible to add arguments to the application messages. The mechanism for this is about as straightforward as they come. First we define a message in a properties file:

0002=There are {0} known moons orbiting “{1}”.

And then we output this message, while adding values to {0} and {1}:

Print_Line (“moons”, “0002”, +Moons (Planet), +Planet);

This example is from the “moons” demo program that comes with the source download. I haven’t used ZanyBlue myself, but looking at the sources and the accompanying demo programs, it seems to be rather easy to get up and running. It’s well documented with informative comments added to the source. Very neat and tidy.

ZanyBlue is released under the GPLv2 license.

You can read the full release announcement here.

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