Ada-Europe 2011, Call for Industrial Presentations

A call has gone out for industrial presentations for the Ada Connection 2011 conference:

This call for industrial presentations is specifically targeted to those of you who either work on industrial projects (possibly Ada-related) where reliable software is important, or know people working on such projects. Consider what others might learn from the experience gained in those projects, and please try to get a presentation overview submitted by January 8th at the latest, i.e. one month from now. Many projects could report a lot of valuable experience: sharing it with others benefits the whole community and might provide useful feedback to the project as well.

Some of the conference topics include:

  • Software Architectures: Architectural Styles, Service-Oriented Architectures, Cloud Service Model, Design Patterns, Frameworks, Architecture-Centered Development, Component and Class Libraries, Component-based Design and Development.
  • Mainstream and Emerging Applications: Manufacturing, Robotics, Avionics, Space, Health Care, Transportation, Energy, Fun and Business Games, Telecommunication, etc.
  • The Future of Ada: New language features, implementation and use issues; positioning in the market and in education; where should Ada stand in the software engineering curriculum; lessons learned on Ada Education and Training Activities with bearing on any of the conference topics.

And much much more.

LinkedIn users can help spread the word by letting their network know that they are interested in this event.

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