The first open Ada-DK meeting was a success!

In four words: It was a blast.

The whole thing started, as planned, at 1730, and it ended at 2315, a great deal later than any of us had expected. Time sure do fly when you’re having fun!

We talked a lot about how we could help promote Ada, we talked about interesting projects Ada-DK could do, we played around with Arduino on Jacob’s Ubuntu powered MacBook, we talked about Per’s sonar project and Ulrik told us a bit about his experience in the embedded space. From Kim we learned that things are not looking to bright in the danish educational system, at least not in regards to Ada usage. We need to come up with some ideas to change this sad state of affairs.

On a personal note, I got a chance to have some experienced people comment on a tasking related problem I’d been messing around with. Basically it concerned creating an association between AWS threads and GNATcoll PostgreSQL tasks. I was very pleased to learn that my chosen solution (a protected hashed map) wasn’t completely torn apart. 🙂

The first open Ada-DK meeting was, IMHO, a complete and utter success. I had a great time, and it was very nice getting some face-to-face time with some other Ada afficionados.

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