The Second Open Ada-DK Meeting Has Ended

And it was a blast!

We covered a lot of ground, ranging from how to build a syntax highlighter in Ada to musings about how to best manage a software project.

Søren told us a little about the Copenhagen hackerspace labitat, which sounded like an awfully interesting place. He was also polite enough to not laugh his *ss off when I told him about my tendency to create intricate spaghetti code. Oh, and Søren promised to bring some Arduino “loot” to the next meeting.

Jørgen and Ulrik took a trip down memory-lane, remembering some very interesting projects they’d done for ESA some years ago. Jørgen also tried to teach me a bit about lexical analyzers, and I’m glad to report that I actually understood some of it. The operative word here being “some”.

I showed my latest AWS work to Ulrik, and we talked a bit about our Android app project, which involves an Ada powered server part. All very interesting stuff.

We briefly talked about UML, and the general consensus was that some of it was nice enough, but most of it was pretty pointless. I mostly listened to Jørgen, Ulrik and Søren, because my experience with UML is next to non-existant.

Obviously we also talked about a lot of non-tech subjects, such as the shopping habits of our wifes and some of the current political subjects here in Denmark. The general consensus seemed to be that both our wifes and our politicians are somewhat crazy. 🙂

Food was once again supplied by the excellent Mr. Lee chinese restaurant. Burgers and fried noodles with chicken. Yes, life is good at the Ada-DK meetings.

I’d like to thank Jørgen, Søren and Ulrik for turning this otherwise plain Tuesday evening into something worth remembering.

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