New Wiki Article: C++ bindings example

A while ago Luis P. Mendes started a thread at comp.lang.ada named Need some light on using Ada or not. One of the questions Luis put forward is:

2. In C++ I can use lots of libraries. I’m thinking on data visualization libraries, for example I’ve read that Ada can use some C bindings. Can I use any C library? Some? Is it easy? I don’t want to drop C++ for Ada to build a project that later has to be rewritten in C++ because of lack of libraries.

Actually, that was a bit more than just one question, but the general gist of it is: Can Ada bind to C/C++.

And of course the answer to this is a resounding “Yes!”.

Later on in the same c.l.a. thread Brian Drummond give an example on how to do this, and it is this example that Luis have added to our Wiki:

C++ bindings example.

I’d like to extent my thanks to Brian Drummond for coming up with the example in the first place, and Luis P. Mendes for bothering to add it to our Wiki. Thanks!

Now all we need is some Ada binding expert to peek it over to make sure the examples are sound.

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