Programming with GtkAda

Creating programs with graphical user interfaces was not the primary concern when Ada was originally designed, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an impossible task today.

One of the options available is GtkAda, which is a binding to Gtk+.

Now, knowing that you can do graphical user interfaces in Ada is not the same as knowing how, and that is where today’s tutorial comes into the picture:

Programming with GtkAda.

This is a collection of resources and examples related to building a graphical user interface with GtkAda, or as it is said:

This page is for people who are beginners with GtkAda. It is a collection of resources, examples and helpful links. Gadget and Walker are tutorials which take the beginner programmer into the mysteries of widgets. They deal with the creation and use of a Graphical User Interface using buttons with icons and labels.

If you plan on trying your hand at GtkAda, then this is most certainly a good place to start.

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