The Third Open Ada-DK Meeting Was A Hit!

People stuck around to almost midnight. On a regular Tuesday evening. In Farum, a small danish town that completely dies as soon as the sun sets.

Yes, we had fun. And I even got my hands on some nice loot (PDF) (thanks Søren!). Now all I have to do is learn how to actually make the thing come to life.

I talked about Ada.Task_Attributes and how I had managed to replace a bunch of “ugly” hashed map code simply by using Task_Attributes instead. People were adequately impressed. :o)

We also had a good talk about pragma Pure and Atomic, though I had a clear feeling I was the one who benefited the most from that specific subject.

Kim had brought his Lego NXT and after a bit of messing around with compilers and bluetooth settings, the thing suddenly came to life, to everybody’s joy. I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing more to this wonderful “toy” at future Ada-DK meetings.

Per told us about his robot projects, and how he had a “segway style vehicle with an attached penguin” sitting in his basement, just waiting for some tender loving. He’d postponed the project forever, but seeing the NXT really brought it all back. I’m fairly certain we managed to convince him to bring the entire project with him to the next meeting.

Per also showboated his awesome window manager, which had me thoroughly impressed. Maybe it really is time to get rid of KDE and learn something new?

After dinner we talked at length about the pros and cons of AWS as opposed to a “regular” webserver/PHP/Python/Ruby setup. The general consensus was, to nobody’s surprise, that AWS is superior in almost every way. Yes, at an Ada meeting, Ada rules supreme!

So far every Ada-DK meeting has been a blast, and I really look forward to the next.

Thanks for a joyous evening!

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