Another Great Ada-DK Meeting!

As usual the Ada-DK open meeting was a hit. Sure, we didn’t have a huge turnout yesterday (only 4 of us), but we had lots of fun.

We spent most of the evening talking about, and enjoying, the robot that Per Dalgas Jakobsen (aka Knaldgas) had brought with him: Klods Hans v1.1, which incidentally won the DTU RoboCup 2003 competition. It’s the yellow Lego car in the left of the picture.

Per had some _very_ interesting plans for his next robot, plans that included a 30 cm. tall Linux teddy bear!

The software for the Klods Hans robot was done entirely in assembler, and while it had performed flawlessly, Per was very interested in doing the next in Ada. We had some good talks about how to go about solving this, and it was informally decided that building this robot could just as well become an Ada-DK project.

Besides talking about Ada and robotics, I got to show a few lines of Ada POSIX code. Nothing complicated, which actually was the point. Using Florist it was a breeze to change user and group for a running Ada application. A big “Thank you!” to Jacob Sparre is in order, for pointing me to Florist in the first place.

Ulrik Hørlyk Hjort and I had a talk about how to handle exceptions in the Android application we’re building for my business. Or rather that Ulrik is building. I’m just doing the server side stuff. That project is humming along nicely, and with Ada coming to Android I’m pretty sure this is not going to be the last project Ulrik and I will be doing together.

Also we took a stroll down memory lane, musing about the wonderful computers of yesteryear. C64 for the win!

If I had the time, I’d gladly attend these meetings once a week, instead of once every month. But alas, I think I’m just going to have to wait, anxiously, for the April 2011 meeting.

Thanks for a great evening guys. :o)

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