Reporting From The Front

Yesterdays open Ada-DK meeting was just as entertaining as ever, even though only 3 people turned up. But you know what they say: Three’s a crowd, and with a crowd present, we proceeded partying like there was no tomorrow.

Or rather we talked about functional safety, the ATV, the Ada examples at (we even fixed a typo), the Ada 2012 draft and the High-Integrity Object-Oriented Programming in Ada (PDF) from AdaCore.

We also talked about the disaster happening with Nokia here in Denmark. Losing 1000 high-tech jobs is bad for any nation, but for a small country like Denmark it’s a huge loss. I hope all of the affected people find new places to flex their skills, and it better be sooner than later. If the danish tech-businesses can absorb 1000 people fairly quickly, that will surely be a sign of both financial health and a positive attitude towards the future.

All in all Jørgen Bundgaard, Ulrik Hørlyk Hjort and I (Thomas Løcke) had en enjoyable evening, and it was particularly interesting for me to hear all the anecdotes from the ATV project, on which both Jørgen and Ulrik worked. What an awesome thing to have been part of!

I look forward to the next open Ada-DK meeting, where we’ll hopefully see an even bigger crowd talking Ada and generally enjoying themselves.

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