The Crimeville Language Server

Our very own Jacob Sparre will be giving a presentation at The Ada Connection 2011 Conference on the spelling/language server he has developed for the Danish (soon international) childrens game Crimeville. For those of us that aren’t fortunate enough to be in Edinburgh for the conference, Jacob has made both the presentation (PDF file) and the source code (ZIP file) available on his website.

Here’s a blurb from the presentation:

When Art of Crime contacted me, their problem was simply
described as helping the players write correctly, and limit how much they insult each other. – Already at this stage the plan
was to do this at the word level. In short, every word written by a player should be categorized in one of four categories; correct, foul, misspelled or unknown. I proposed a solution with network servers checking words using Ispell compatible Open Source spell checkers.

It is an interesting read for sure, and the accompanying source code is just an added benefit for those of us who’d like to learn how to best tame Ada to do our bidding. This obviously includes me, so thanks a bunch Jacob! :o)

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