Ada Programming in Switzerland

As you might know, I both read and post to the Ada group, and this morning I read a notice from Gautier de Montmollin about the new Ada-Switzerland website, and I immediately payed them a visit. I’m glad to report that their website is clean, modern and easy to navigate. Also after having been there, it appears to me that Ada is actually doing very well in Switzerland, which of course would explain the famed Swiss efficiency. If all their important infrastructure is powered by Ada, then the Swiss obviously aren’t wasting time fixing bugs. :o)

In Denmark it appears that no software is built using Ada. I can’t remember a single large public software system ever completed on time and within budget. And when these large, expensive, systems are finally “completed”, for the first couple of years they usually don’t work. It’s a complete and utter mess. Perhaps it’s time we ask our politicians and decision-makers to divert their eyes towards Switzerland where there appears to be a more widespread usage of Ada in complicated, critical and important software systems.

Well, enough of me ranting. Let me end this post by congratulating Ada in Switzerland on their beautiful new website. I look forward to reading more about the various Swiss Ada projects.

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