VTKADA version 5.9 released

Yesterday Leonid Dulman released VTKADA version 5.9 on the world. In Leonid’s own works, VTKADA is a…

…powerful 2D and 3D rendering and imaging system that works
inside Qt4 applications.

Coincidentally Leonid is also the developer of Qt4Ada, an Ada binding to the Qt application and UI framework.

I don’t know what the latest changes are in VTKADA 5.9, as I haven’t been able to find a changelog on the website, nor a link to any source code repository for the project, which is odd seeing that he ends his VTKADA 5.9 announcement with this:

I hope my work will be useful for Ada community and open for any
forms of cooperation.

Leonid, may I humbly suggest setting up a GitHub repository (or something similar) for your projects, so that interested parties may peruse the code and the ongoing development at their own leisure? :o)

You can read Leonid’s full release announcement here.

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