Call Center Software in Ada – Singo Solutions

It’s rare hearing about big Ada programming projects, outside of Ada’s normal realm of aerospace, military, transport, health and other “lives depend on this system” areas, but it does happen:

Singo Solution, Inc. provides a variety of call-center and specialized solutions to clients across the globe. Services include predictive dialer hosting and on-premise solutions with Digital Voice Recording (DVR), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), blended Skills-Based routing, toll-free enhanced routing, call center disaster recovery services, call center agents, call automation and office phones……The programming language choice was critical, and Singo decided early on that Ada was the best available language for producing code with the expressiveness, speed, and – most importantly – the reliability needed for a call center system of Blaze’s magnitude.

It’s a very interesting article, with lots of information about the why Singo Solutions decided to go with Ada and GNAT Pro.

It’s great to see Ada being used in new areas, and this one is specifically interesting to me, because the newly founded AdaHeads K/S company (comprised of all Ada-DK members) is going to be venturing into the exact same realm: Telephony software. We plan on going open source though, so there is some differences between us and Singo Solutions.

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