GNAT AUX for OpenIndiana

First the OpenIndiana project ported KVM, and now the DragonLace guys have made GNAT AUX available for this new Solaris based OS:

I had previously built a flawless GNAT-AUX on an obsolete OpenSolaris version SXCE 130. It was fairly trivial to built a static bootstrap compiler on the latest version of OpenIndiana (oi_151a). The lang/gnat-aux package has been updated to support the x86 Solaris target, and also updates all supported platforms to provide working runtime symbolic traceback. It just missed the 2011Q3 branch, so it’s only available in the pkgsrc trunk.


OpenIndiana is looking better and better. The now defunct OpenSolaris project was pretty interesting, but very rough around the edges. OpenIndiana already seems much more polished and with Ada now available on the platform, I’m drawn to do some testing.

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