Deepend 2.6 for GNAT and ICC Ada 2005 compilers

Deepend is an efficient and safer form of storage management for Ada

2005 that can outperform garbage collection schemes. When I last reported on Deepend it was a binding to the Apache Runtime Pools implementation. This is no longer the case:

When Deepend was first announced, it was a binding to the Apache run time pool library. Since then, the Apache library has been removed as a dependency, and Deepend is now 100% pure Ada. Testing has shown that the new version of Deepend runs noticeably faster than the earlier version that called out to the Apache library.

But there’s more: Deepend now also compiles using the Irvine ICC Ada compiler and it has been tested using GNAT AUX on an Android Samsung Galaxy S II Smart phone.

Awesome work from Brad Moore.

You can read the full, and very comprehensive, release announcement here.

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