GtkAda Contributions v. 2.10 Released

There’s quite a few changes in the latest release of GtkAda Contributions:

  • Compatible with version2.18 of GtkAda
  • The procedure Set was added to the package Gtk.Handlers.References for
    explicit unsetting references
  • The procedures Has_Tooltip, Set_Has_Tooltip, Set_Tip were added to
  • Gtk.Handlers.Generic_Callback was added to support signal handlers with
    return values handled as GValue
  • The package Gtk.Recent_Manager was renamed to Gtk.Recent_Manager_Alt to keep it compatible to GtkAda 2.18.0. For earlier versions of GtkAda,
    renaming packages are provided for backward compatibility
  • The Gtk.Object.Checked_Destroy procedure was added to safely destroy
    floating widgets
  • The package Gtk.Recent_Manager_Keys now provides simplified means to store and restore values by key, store and restore contents of combo boxes

Yea, Dmitry Kazakov have been busy!

GtkAda Contributions is a set of packages that extends the functionality of GtkAda. Among other things it adds tasking support, embeddable images and spawning processes synchronously and asynchronously with pipes. It really does do a whole bunch of things, so if you’re using GtkAda for you application, be sure to check out if this package can make your life easier.

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