Ada Server Faces 0.3.0 is available

Stephane Carrez from Java 2 Ada is hard at work on his Ada Server Faces framework, and as this online demo clearly is showing, he’s making good progress. The version 0.3.0 release announcement outlines some of what Ada Server Faces is:

Ada Server Faces is a web framework which uses the Java Server Faces design patterns (See JSR 252 and JSR 314).

JSF and ASF use a component-based model for the design and implementation of a web application. The presentation layer is implemented using XML or XHTML files and the component layer is implemented in Ada 05 for ASF and in Java for JSF.

I can’t claim a whole lot of knowledge about the Java Server Faces design patterns, but judging from the demo, it’s some pretty powerful stuff. I look forward to tracking this project further, especially considering my involvement in the AdaHeads K/S project.

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