Report from the February 2012 open Ada-DK meeting

What this meeting lacked in numbers it weighed up in fun discussions and tryouts of bleeding-edge card games.

Only Thomas Løcke and Kim Rostgaard Christensen was present at this meeting, so the time was passed discussing code, politics, operating systems, weirdness of corporate strategies and Ada in the education system.

The meeting was started of with a massive beating of Thomas Løcke in a game of CPU Wars, which then led to a stroll down memory lane revisiting some of the processors that had been a big part of our lives.

The food was excellent as always, and the dinner discussion ever interesting. The discussion rather fast went into AdaHeads-mode as there were no non-AdaHeads-folks to stop us. What was agreed here, is a story for another day – and a quite interesting one I must say.

– Stay tuned.

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