Ada And Arduino – A Good Match

Let me start by admitting almost zero knowledge about electronics. The last time I did any soldering was +20 years ago, but that doesn’t stop me from being absolutely amazed at the marvelous things people can build with the Arduino boards, and because I’m not the only Ada’ist with this fascination, it didn’t take long before we got Ada support for these wonderful machines.

Our very own Jacob Sparre Andersen did a talk at FOSDEM 2012 and Open Source Days 2012 about Ada and the Arduinos: Programming Arduinos in Ada(PDF). It’s a pretty good read if you’re thinking about venturing into the amazing world of Arduino.

Another Ada’ist working with Arduinos is Tero Koskinen, and besides being the man behind the Ahven unit test framework, he also dabbles in electronics, and a few days ago he did a new post on his blog titled Building Custom Arduino LCD Shield To Be Used With AVR-Ada. Yup, long title indeed, but well worth the read.

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