SC_Timer 2.0, the Session Chair Timer

J-P Rosen released version 2.0 of his SC_Timer program a few days ago, and it is shaping up to become a rather nice little package for your timing needs:

SC_Timer is a very convenient timer for session chairs in conferences who need to manage the presentation time of speakers. The chair enjoys a rich pannel to manage talk time (screenshot) and a secondary display to let the speaker know the remaining time, prompt messages, etc (screenshot). The display turns yellow -for example- ten minutes before time is over, then turns red five minutes before the end. When the presentation time is over, it displays a big red flashing “Off”. Alternatively, the timer can be set to count up (from 0 to programmed time) instead of down. Other features allow to manage various special cases (pauses, increasing or reducing talk time…).

There is also a regular clock in the upper right corner that tells you the current time.

Of course, the program is really a general count-down timer, and you can use it for all your count-down needs!

Sounds good ‘eh?

You can read J-P’s extremely short release announcement here and you can download the program as source, Linux executable and Windows executable. There’s also some excellent documentation available.

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