SparForte 1.3 Released

Known in the olden days as Business Shell (or BUSH for short), SparForte is an all-in-one replacement for BASH, PHP, J2EE, Ruby, Python, Perl and PSQL. Yea, that does sound like a bit of a mouthful, but seeing as the head honcho of the project is Ken O. Burtch, author of Linux Shell Scripting with Bash (awesome book by the way), I’m fairly certain the description is very fitting.

SparForte is an Ada-based command shell, template engine and scripting language. It natively interprets Bourne shell commands and basic database commands at the command prompt and has an integrated debugger. There are 23 built-in packages including MySQL, PostgreSQL, CGI and Memcache and over 80 example scripts.

I gotta get me some of that. Why am I still using Bash on my boxes? It makes no sense.

Major changes in SparForte 1.3 is:

  • with separate (“include files”) and is separate
  • two memcache packages
  • JSON: built-in functions and import_json/export_json pragmas
  • unit testing mode and associated pragmas
  • software license management features
  • new architectural pragmas
  • package documentation redesigned

You can read the full release announcement here and you can grab the code here.

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