Ada Server Faces 0.4.0 Released

Ada Server Faces is moving ahead at a steady pace with the latest 0.4.0 release. It is, as you might remember from earlier Ada-DK posts about it, a framework for making web-applications using the same methodology as Java Server Faces:

Ada Server Faces allows to create web applications using the same pattern a the Java Server Faces (See JSR 252, JSR 314 or JSR 344).

ASF provides a security framework which allows to protect web pages according to some security policy. This framework allows users to authenticate by using OpenID Authentication 2.0.

You can get the latest version here or you can grab the dev version from the SVN repository:

svn checkout ada-asf-read-only

New in version 0.4.0 is:

  • Support for shared or static build configuration.
  • Support for file upload.
  • New components , , , .
  • New EL function util:hasMessage.
  • ASF now Implements the JSF phase events and phase listeners.
  • Implements the JSF/Ruby on Rails flash context.
  • Adds the pre-defined JSF beans: initParam, flash.
  • Support for locales and honors the Accept-Language.
  • New demos are available in French and English

There’s a live online demo available. You can read the full release announcement here.

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