GNAT GPL 2012 is here!

I’ve been waiting anxiously for the 2012 edition of the GNAT GPL compiler and the accompanying GNAT Programming Studio update, and now the wait is finally over:

Get the GNAT GPL 2012 package

Coinciding with the GNAT GPL 2012 release, we also get a bunch of updates to all the other great tools, such as:

And a whole slew more. I’ve personally installed GNAT GPL 2012, the new GPS, AWS 2012, GNATColl 2012, Florist 2012 and XML/Ada 2012 on my Slackware64 boxes, and everything went without a hitch. It just worked. Next up: Getting familiar with some of new Ada 2012 features. Should be fun.

3 thoughts on “GNAT GPL 2012 is here!”

  1. Congratulations for your nice Ada initiatives like this site.

    I too I am enthusiatic about GNAT and AWS 2012. Im trying to use AWS mail client. You seem to succeed. I fail. Maybe because I am not using the right SMTP servers. Gmail requires TLS (AWS has SSL, but it seems the email sublibary does not). The other account I have is provided by, but is not working either (I don’t know why). May I ask what SMTP server you used that works with the AWS library? Thanks a lot.

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