Press Release – Reliable Software Technologies, Ada-Europe 2012

Chances are high that you’ve already seen this elsewhere, but on the off-shot that you haven’t, here’s the latest press release for the Ada-Europe 2012 convention:

17th Ada-Europe Conference on Reliable Software Technologies

International experts meet in Stockholm

Stockholm (29 May 2012 20:00) – Ada-Europe organizes from 11 to 15 June 2012 the “17th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies – Ada-Europe 2012” in Stockholm, Sweden. The event is organized in cooperation with Ada Sweden and with ACM’s Special Interest Groups on Ada (SIGAda), on Embedded Systems (SIGBED), and on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN).

The conference offers two days of tutorials, three keynotes, a full technical program of refereed papers and industrial presentations, two special panel sessions, an industrial exhibition, and a social program.

Eleven excellent tutorials on Monday and Friday cover a broad range of topics: Advanced Ada Support for Real-Time Programming; Developing High-Integrity Systems with GNAT GPL and the Ravenscar Profile; How to Optimize Reliable Software; DO-178C – The Next Avionics Software Safety Standard; Designing and Checking Coding Standards for Ada; Experimenting with ParaSail – Parallel Specification and Implementation Language; Basics of Oracle Database Programming with Ada – Introduction to the Konada.Db Library; Oracle Database GUI-programming on MS Windows; The Benefits of Using SPARK for High-assurance Software; The Use of Proof and Generics in SPARK; Design of Multitask Software – the Entity-Life Modeling Approach.

Three eminent keynote speakers have been invited to open each day of the core conference program. Bertrand Meyer (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), in a keynote entitled “Life with Contracts”, will present some results based on his long experience of using contracts as a core practice of development, and will also present new developments in applying contracts to verification and concurrency. Göran Backlund (Combitech, Sweden), in his keynote “What is the Mission of a Software Developer?”, will use a broader view on human knowledge in an engineering environment to find new tools for learning to manage the development challenges better. Jean-Loup Terraillon (ESTEC/ESA, the Netherlands) will present the impact of multi-core architectures on the space industry in his keynote “Multicore Processors – the Next Generation Computer for ESA Space Missions”.

The technical program presents 15 refereed and carefully selected papers on the latest research, new tools, applications and industrial practice and experience, a collection of 8 industrial presentations reflecting current practice and challenges, vendor presentations, a panel session on “What is Language Technology in Our Time?”, and a second panel session on “Reliable Software, a Perspective from Industry”. Springer Verlag publishes the proceedings of the conference, as LNCS Vol. 7308.

The industrial exhibition opens in the mid-morning break on Tuesday and runs until the end of the afternoon break on Thursday. Exhibitors include AdaCore, Altran Praxis, Ellidiss Software, Rapita Systems, and Vector Software.

A special “Ada in Motion” session during the breaks on Thursday will show examples of Ada being used in moving equipment, such as drive-by-wire and segway-like Lego Mindstorm robots and Arduino based devices. An announcement will also be made on the public release of the reference implementation for the “Ada Way 2010/2011” programming contest.

The social program includes on Wednesday evening a conference banquet dinner at Östermalms Saluhall, a marketplace food hall in a magnificent building from 1888, in the heart of Stockholm. Each day, coffee breaks and sit-down lunches offer ample time for interaction and networking.

The venue for the Ada-Europe 2012 conference is Näringslivets Hus, a modern conference center situated in the very heart of Stockholm, located near the Östermalmstorg metro station and close to the Gamla Stan historic district.

The full program is available on the conference web site. Registration is still open.

For more information you can go to the conference website.

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