A Standalone OpenID Client in Ada

Jacob Sparre Andersen has gone and made a standalone OpenID client in Ada, which of course is great news for us web-nuts and Ada Web Server fans.

An OpenID client to build into a web-server. We start with a branch of “Ada Server Faces” which means that the code in this repository for the time being is under the Apache 2 license. This is compatible with GPL-3 (but apparently not with GPL-2), so applications compiled with this will end up being either Apache-2 or GPL-3 licensed.

The “Ada Server Faces” project Jacob mentions is the brainchild of Stephane Carrez of Java2Ada fame. There’s a lot of good stuff on Stephane’s website, so be sure to check it out.

I plan on getting down and dirty with Jacob’s OpenID implementation real soon, as the project we’re currently working on at AdaHeads is at a point where a working OpenID login is required. The demo Jacob has supplied makes it look fairly simple to get going.

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