Ada 2005 Math Extensions 20120712

Simon Wright just announced the release of Ada Math Extensions 20120712:

The Ada 2005 standard defines real and complex matrix and vector operations. Not every possible operation is supported, so for example only symmetric or hermitian matrices can be solved. This project provides extensions to the Standard for GNAT.

The software is issued under the GPL Version 3 with the GCC Runtime Library Exception.

New in this release is:

  • The GNAT Project file is now in the top directory of the distribution.
  • The tests expect AUnit 3 to be installed.
  • Different releases of LAPACK may alter the sign of eigenvectors returned by the generalized eigensystem code (remember that the generalized eigensystem is Av = lBv, where l is an eigenvalue and v is the corresponding eigenvector). This only affected the tests.
  • Testing on Debian 6 required an increase in the test limit for complex general eigenvalues tests for Float.
  • In GNAT GPL 2012 and GCC 4.7, LAPACK and BLAS are no longer used, and therefore aren’t provided as part of GNAT on platforms where they aren’t natively available. This package requires LAPACK and BLAS to be installed (it links with “-llapack -lblas”).

It’s comforting to know that there are people out who knows and understands mathematics. I’m not one of them, so the chances of me ever using Ada Math Extensions 2005 is slim to none.

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