GNAVI: GNU Ada Visual Interface, July 2012 Release

If you’re an Ada developer working on the Windows platform, GNAVI might of interest to you:

GNAVI is the open source alternative to visual software development languages like Delphi and Visual Basic. In addition to just being fully Open Source under the GPL, the language foundation of GNAVI, unlike Pascal or Basic of its competition, is the international standard of engineering, Ada. GNAVI for Windows offers comparable features to Delphi and Visual Basic including use of Active X controls and the ability to interface with .NET and Java.

Changes in this latest release include:

  • GWindows.Simple_sheet: added clipboard functionalities.
  • GWindows.Clipboard is part of the release installer package.
  • Edit_Box’es have the Read_Only option on creation.
  • Create_font has optionally a Char_Set choice.
  • GWindows is working properly on dual screens.

I’m not a Windows man myself, so I can’t comment on the quality of GNAVI – that will have to wait until they produce a version that works with Linux. *hint hint*

If you want to learn more about GNAVI, how about checking out the nice GNAVI tutorial.

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