Matreshka 0.3.0 Released

Matreshka is humming along nicely, with new features being added steadily. The latest version includes such niceties as:

  • Firebird/Interbase driver for SQL module.
  • extensions for AMF module to process UML Testing Profile, OCL and MOF Extentions.
  • text codecs for ISO-8859-5 and ASCII character encodings.
  • API improvement, bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • GNAT GPL 2012 support.

Good eh’?

In case you don’t know what Matreshka is, here’s a short rundown of the projects claim to fame:

Matreshka is framework for development of information systems in Ada. It provides:
– localization, internationalization and globalization support;
– XML processor;
– FastCGI support;
– SQL database access;
– UML processing module.

Head for the Matreshka download page if one or more of those bulletpoints have piqued your interest.

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