ZanyBlue v1.1.0 Beta Available

Michael Rohan posted an update to the ZanyBlue library the other day, bringing it up to version 1.1.0:

This is an Ada library currently targeting localization support for Ada (along the lines of Java properties) with supporting message formatting and built-in localization for about 20 locales. The properties files are compiled into Ada sources built with your application and use to access application messages at run-time. The run-time locale is used to select localized messages, if they are available.

Changes in this release include:

  • Updates for building with GNAT 2012 (major driver for this release).
  • Added a patch to ZanyBlue-ize GNAT GPS 5.1.1 (released with GNAT 2012). The resultant executable is identical to the standard gps but with support for pseudo translation (no real attempt is made to supply localized properties files for gps!).

You can read the full release announcement here, or just jump straight to the download.

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