Deepend 3.2 Storage Pools

There’s a whole slew of updates and fixes in the latest release of Brad Moore’s Deepend storage pools package:

  • Ada 95 versions of the packages added.
  • Added Bounded forms for all the storage pool types.
  • Added exception handling, and allowed scoped subpools to not be allocated from the heap.
  • Storage_Size call fixed to match description in the Ada Standard. It is supposed to return the size of all storage allocated, including free storage and used storage. Previously, Deepend was reporting the amount of used storage. Instead, a new call, Storage_Used exists, which now reports the amount of used storage.
  • Scoped subpools are no longer created by the Create_Subpool call. Instead they are just declared with appropriate discriminants.
  • Fix bug with deallocation subpools, which needed to call the base class, but then ensure not calling back into the protected object, which caused hanging.
  • Added accessibility check suppressions for Ada 2012 test code.
  • Split source into three folders for Ada 95, Ada 2005, and Ada 2012.
  • Removed assertions that the size of the allocation had to be <= the size of the block size. This restriction was unnecessary, as the code will allocate a larger block if necessary to accommodate the request.
  • Added portability restrictions to Ada 2012 version of the code.
  • Removed non-portable use of System.Task_Info package.
  • Moved pragma Precondition and Postcondition for Ada 2005 version to body as portable assertions.
  • Removed compile time warnings that were incorrect or no longer needed.

Wheeev, Brad’s been very busy!

If you’re looking for a storage pool package with subpool capabilities, why not go and download Deepend and give it a whirl?

You can read the full release announcement here.

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