QtAda/GtkAda integration kit

A new QtAda/GtkAda Integration Kit is available, or rather; a technology preview for such a kit is available.

From the website we get this little snippet of information:

QtAda/GtkAda Integration Kit allows to use both toolkits in one application. It makes simple integration of existing GtkAda code into the QtAda application.

Technology preview is available for immediate download from the QtAda download page (see snapshot section).

The QtAda/GtkAda Integration Kit can be used with the latest QtAda 2.2.0 snapshots only.

New MacPorts / GNU Ada Release

This just in from Martin Krischik:

I have released a new MacPort version of the GCC compiler. The
Portfiles for the new release has been send up stream as I have become a
MacPorts maintainer and they can be compiled installed like any
other Port (MacPorts is a soucecode based distribution).

Since you need an bootstrap compiler I also created a binary release to get everybody started.

And on top of that I prepared new sourcecode tarballs for booch95 and

The new MacPort version can be found here.

v.03 of Excel Writer released

Fast on the heels of v.01 and v.02, Gautier have released v.03 of his Ada Excel Writer.

New in this release is:

  • data stream can now by any; supplied: Excel_Out_File, Excel_Out_String
  • added “Text_IO”-like Put, Put_Line, New_Line,…

For those using the 01/02 versions, there’s this incompatibility to be aware of:

To write a file, you need to use Excel_Out_File instead of Excel_Out_Stream (which is now abstract); to create it is now Create instead of Create_File, same for Close.

The Excel Writer can be found here.