*BSD + Ada Just Got Better

With this announcement, using Ada on a *BSD system suddenly became a _very_ viable option.

I don’t know how fast the FreeBSD Ports community work, but it probably wont take several months before GNAT-AUx, XML/Ada, GPRBuild, GTK/Ada, GPS, GNATPython, and AWS are available to FreeBSD users.

The same packages were also added to the NetBSD’s pkgsrc repositories.

Once again the people over at dragonlace.net must be commended for their gargantuan effort in bringing Ada to the *BSD’s.

DragonLace FreeBSD64 update

The good people at dragonlace.net have run into some issues with GNAT AUX on FreeBSD64:

At this point, the FreeBSD64 version of GNAT AUX is probably only suitable for helloworld type programs if that.

That should more or less say it all.

Hopefully they’ll figure out what’s wrong, and have it fixed, so all you FreeBSD64 users also can enjoy your Ada.

More news from the GNAT AUX project

The latest post from the busy guys at dragonlace.net shows them moving ahead at breakneck speed. Their efforts are centered around bringing GNAT to the *BSD platforms, and so far things are looking very good.

This latest news-item deals with

  • 32-Bit GNAT AUX
  • GNAT Programming Studio
  • Pkgsrc
  • FreeBSD
  • Ada Web Server (AWS)

If you’re a *BSD and Ada user, then be sure to keep an eye on the DragonLace project.