OAuth 2.0 and Ada Programming

So you need to flex the power of the OAuth 2.0 framework and you want to use Ada to get the job done, but you don’t know where to start.

Well today is your lucky day then, as the ever productive Stephane Carrez just churned out an article about OAuth 2.0 and Ada, working together in happy harmony:

Through this article you will learn how to use the OAuth 2.0 framework to let an application access service provider APIs such as Facebook API, Google+ API and others. Althought this article uses Ada as programming language and Facebook as service provider, most part also applies to other programming languages and other service providers.

The article goes into great detail, so it’s a pretty good read even if you just want to understand how OAuth 2.0 works. If you already know all about OAuth 2.0 and just want to get cracking on some code, how about taking a closer look at Stephane’s Ada Security package?

I’m baffled at how Stephane manages to be so productive. Hopefully he relies on some secret time distortion machine of his, or else I simply don’t understand how he can keep the pace he does. I’m only slightly jealous. 🙂