Ada User Journal 30th Anniversary Issue

I’ve been reading the paper edition of the Ada User Journal for a little over three years, and while it might seem that a paper publication in this day and age is a bit “behind the curve”, I can honestly say that I really enjoy when a new issue arrives in the mail. I usually brew myself a nice cup of tea and read through it sitting comfortably in my couch. I don’t quite understand why, but the combination of paper, tea and couch is just really relaxing.

But for those of you that don’t get the paper-edition, there’s always the online PDF edition. Yes, the online edition is a bit behind in terms of available publications, but that doesn’t make the articles any less interesting.

Worth of special mention is the fact that today marks the day where the Ada User Journal 30th Anniversary Issue is released as PDF. This issues is packed with interesting articles, my favorite ones being:

  • Origins and history of GNAT – Edmond Schonberg
  • We don’t know nothing – John Barnes

If you’re not already familiar with the Ada User Journal, then be sure to check out this special issue.

You can read the full press-release from Ada-Europe here (PDF).