Ada on Slackware

I finally got around to writing an article about Ada Programming on Slackware. Actually that’s probably overstating things a bit, as no actual Ada programming is happening in the article. Instead the focus is on how to install an Ada compiler and some Ada libraries on a Slackware system.

It is by no means a complicated process, but then again nothing is complicated if you know how it’s done. This article is squarely aimed at Ada programmers who perhaps do not live and die by the commandline.

The article is also a first for me, because it contains videos of the entire compile/install process. Yes, that’s right, you get to “enjoy” my gentle voice, while I struggle with the English language. I know videos aren’t exactly the best way to convey information about these things, but I do think that they are good addition for someone to whom tar zxvf something.tar.gz is completely alien.

At least I hope so.

Feel free to let me know if you think I’ve completely wasted my time doing these videos or if you’d like me to do more.

If you don’t want to bother with the article, you can go straight to the videos:

I think my next article might be about Ada tasking, unless you’ve got a better suggestion?

Ada Connection 2011 Lecture Videos

I’m a sucker for videos. Sure, I’m also a sucker for well-written articles, but there’s just something nice and relaxing about putting on your headphones, grabbing a cup of tea and enjoying a good video about Ada programming.

Or any other interesting subject for that matter.

Luckily AdaCore have put up a bunch of videos from the Ada Connection 2011 conference talks.

Currently there’s good stuff like:

Apparently AdaCore will be adding a new video every Monday, so be sure to keep checking in for all the goodies.