AdaIC Survey

The website is one of the better online Ada resources, and with the latest survey they’ve put up, it seems they are aiming even higher. We got this from Randy Brukardt:

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the AdaIC website, we’re conducting a short survey of Ada users to guide possible improvements to the site. Find the survey at:

Thanks in advance for your time.

Randy Brukardt, (former) AdaIC webmaster

P.S. You’ll need to have Javascript enabled to access the survey, as I found out when I tried it. 🙂

Personally I’d like to see some more code on the website, and a tight integration with Google+.

New AdaIC website.

And it is gorgeous. It is probably the best looking Ada website I’ve seen. Pleasant, clean and easy to navigate.

The website is a regular treasure trove of Ada information, and I especially enjoyed these pages:

All this might also have been available on their old website, but never was it so visible and readily available.

A big “thumbs up” is what you guys are getting from me. Good work.

But enough of my banter: Go visit the new AdaIC website.

And I spotted this on the reddit Ada subgroup, which is another “do not miss” Ada resource.